Intellectual Property Lawyers

Beck & Thomas lawyers, located in the Pittsburgh, PA region, practice exclusively in intellectual property law. Our trademark attorneys have over 40 years of combined legal experience in helping businesses acquire, protect and enforce trademarks.

Beck & Thomas Trademark Law Services

Beck & Thomas provides strategic counseling to Pittsburgh-area businesses regarding all phases of trademark acquisition, protection and enforcement. The trademark attorneys at our law firm work with trademarks and service marks including word marks, logos, trade dress, and certification marks.

With over 40 years of combined legal experience, our law firm's trademark attorneys can advise in the selection of suitable marks, including search and availability analysis. We manage the trademark registration (prosecution) process for our clients, offering efficient electronic filing and management of trademark applications. When needed, Beck & Thomas lawyers can manage trademark oppositions and cancellations.

Litigation Attorneys Protect and Enforce Trademarks

The importance of trademarks to our clients demands rigorous monitoring and enforcement of infringement by others. When possible, we try to arrange amicable resolutions of disputes including negotiated co-existence agreements and settlement agreements. However, Beck & Thomas lawyers are ready to vigorously enforce trademark rights with actions including issuing cease-and-desist letters, requesting temporary restraining orders, requesting preliminary injunctions or pursuing aggressive litigation when needed to enforce your trademark rights.

Pittsburgh-Area Clients' Typical Trademark Law Concerns

I've received a letter saying my company is infringing on a trademark.
Beck & Thomas lawyers can evaluate the claim and advise you of your options. It is often possible to arrange a co-existence agreement or settlement agreement. Where necessary, we will vigorously litigate to preserve your right to use your trademark.

I need help in creating or registering a trademark.
Beck & Thomas trademark attorneys will assist and advise you in your trademark search and evaluation of the suitability of your proposed mark(s). Where necessary, our trademark attorneys can suggest methods to arrive at alternative marks or negotiate licenses or other agreements with other mark holders to allow your use of the trademark.

Somebody is infringing my trademark.
The trademark attorneys at Beck & Thomas law firm will carefully review your trademark and the potential infringement. We will often swiftly issue a cease-and-desist letter, then advise you of your likelihood of prevailing in a trademark infringement litigation so you can consider your options, including requesting a preliminary injunction and/or temporary restraining order, negotiating a licensing agreement with the other party, considering alternative dispute resolution including mediation, and finally proceeding forward with aggressive litigation to enforce your valuable trademark rights when necessary.

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