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Beck & Thomas lawyers, located in the Pittsburgh, PA region, practice exclusively in intellectual property law. Our patent attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience in helping businesses with a full range of patent law services.

Beck & Thomas Patent Law Services

Pittsburgh-area businesses come to Beck & Thomas for help in all facets of the patent process. Our patent attorneys offer strategic counsel at the onset of the development process to help our clients document and protect their work. We offer advice on how to search prior art and enhance the patentability of any new device or process. We guide our clients through the patent prosecution process in which patents are obtained.

Experienced in Patent Protection and Patent Litigation

With over 40 years of combined legal experience and more than 20 years of combined business experience, the patent attorneys at Beck & Thomas law firm understand the importance of patents to our clients; therefore, our firm works to monitor and enforce the infringement by others. Beck & Thomas lawyers are ready to enforce patent rights with a rigorous program including cease-and-desist actions and aggressive litigation when needed. We try to arrange amicable resolutions of disputes where possible; however, Beck & Thomas patent litigation attorneys are ready to act vigorously to protect your patent rights.

Typical Pittsburgh-Area Client Patent Concerns:

I've received a letter saying my company is infringing on a patent. 
Beck & Thomas lawyers are experienced in a wide variety of technical disciplines. We will evaluate your technology and the details of the patent involved. Where favorable, we will seek to bring both parties to an agreement, possibly negotiating a non-infringement agreement, licensing agreement, or agreement that the patent is not valid. Where necessary, we will vigorously litigate to preserve your right to use your technology.

I need help in patenting my idea.
Beck & Thomas patent lawyers work with Pittsburgh-area businesses to evaluate the patentability of the invention, including a search of prior art and evaluation of the invention's utility and non-obviousness. The patent attorneys at our law firm will assist you with the entire prosecution process, including drafting your application, defending your patent, and following through with appeals if needed.

Somebody is infringing on my patent.
After reviewing your patent and the potential infringement, we can advise you of the likelihood of prevailing in a patent infringement litigation. We will help you evaluate your options, including negotiating a licensing agreement with the other party, issuing a cease-and-desist letter, considering alternative dispute resolution including mediation, and finally proceeding forward with aggressive litigation to enforce your patent when necessary.

I'd like to license or purchase a patent.
Beck & Thomas attorneys will review the technology and patent to evaluate your need to license or purchase the patent. Our patent attorneys will perform due diligence checking on the patent. We can help evaluate the benefits of a potential license and prepare the licensing agreement or purchase agreement.

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