Intellectual Property Lawyers

The lawyers at the Beck & Thomas law firm, located in the Pittsburgh, PA area, practice exclusively in intellectual property law. Our attorneys understand the complexities and pitfalls that can occur when drafting a license agreement. A properly drafted license agreement can help you meet your desired goal for a licensing transaction.

Ensuring the Terms You Want are Included in the Agreement

The intellectual property lawyers at our law firm advise our clients on including the terms that are necessary to protect their interests as well as avoiding terms that will create a high degree of risk. Our attorneys consult with each client to create a license agreement that fits their business's particular needs, rather than using a standard boiler plate agreement for every client.

Beck & Thomas Licensing Services

Patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets often require complex written license agreements. These agreements are often necessary for clients who either want to enter into a business segment that is restricted because of intellectual property rights or intellectual property owners who want to let others use their intellectual property to increase revenues.

Beck & Thomas Pittsburgh licensing attorneys consult with our clients to determine what terms are important to their businesses. We then assist our clients in drafting a term sheet at the beginning of the negotiation process in order to either reach an agreement or determine that one cannot be reached.

We work closely with our clients to pinpoint the critical terms and aggressively negotiate terms favorable to them and their businesses. This often leads to a quicker negotiation period and obtaining a lasting licensing agreement.

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