Intellectual Property Litigation

Pittsburgh Intellectual Property Litigation Attorneys

Beck & Thomas, located in the Pittsburgh, PA area, practices exclusively in intellectual property law. We understand the critical importance of intellectual property (IP) to the success of our clients' businesses. Aggressive intellectual property litigation can be a critical component in protecting IP rights.

Avoiding Disputes and Litigation Where Possible

We advise all of our clients with a rigorous program of pre-emptive intellectual property rights protection designed to keep disputes from starting. When disputes arise, we can often settle them through alternative dispute resolution procedures.

Beck & Thomas Intellectual Property Litigation Practice

Beck & Thomas Pittsburgh litigation attorneys stand by to aggressively enforce our clients' intellectual property rights in court when needed. Our lawyers are experienced in all phases of patent litigation, trademark litigation, copyright litigation and other intellectual property litigation.

We work closely with our clients to pinpoint the strongest arguments, and prepare the strongest possible case to file in court. Often, this will lead to settlement as the best route to achieve our clients' goals and cost objectives. If needed, we are prepared to take our clients' fights to the courtroom and seek to prevail in enforcing their intellectual property rights.

Our 40 years of combined legal experience and connections in the legal community give us an extended reach across disciplines and geography. While based in Pittsburgh, we can draw on our network of associated attorneys nationwide or internationally when needed to support litigation needs. Our attorneys have served as local counsel to out-of-state law firms.

Intellectual property is too vital to our clients' businesses to allow infringement to occur without aggressive action.

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