Due Diligence

Due Diligence

The lawyers at the Beck & Thomas law firm, located in the Pittsburgh, PA area, practice exclusively in intellectual property law. Our attorneys understand the complexities and pitfalls that can affect the title of intellectual property being purchased or sold. Properly researching the intellectual property that is being bought or sold is a critical step in the purchasing and funding process.

Understanding the Intellectual Property Involved

Beck & Thomas attorneys are able to help identify and explain all of the intellectual property issues that are involved in client transactions because the lawyers at our firm work in all areas of intellectual property law. We help purchasers and investors determine if they should spend their capital. We also assist sellers and those seeking investments to organize their intellectual property portfolio prior to a transaction in order to make deals more attractive.

Beck & Thomas Due Diligence Services

Our firm's intellectual property attorneys start the due diligence process by identifying all of the patents, copyrights and trademarks that will be part of a transaction. After identifying the intellectual property, our lawyers then go through a detailed investigation of the ownership rights to determine if there are any issues with the chain of title. As part of the process we make sure that the intellectual property has been properly maintained and evaluate any license agreements that are involved. This process is often critical to achieving a successful deal.

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