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Beck & Thomas lawyers, located in the Pittsburgh, PA region, practice exclusively in intellectual property law. Our attorneys have over 40 years of combined legal experience to help businesses with a full range of services related to copyright law.

Beck & Thomas Copyright Law Services

Creative works are the lifeblood of many of today's most successful businesses. Protecting and enforcing creative works with copyrights has never been more important.

The attorneys at Beck & Thomas law firm provide representation at all stages of the protection of creative works. We can advise clients on the scope of copyright protection, then help them with the registration of their works, including books, software, websites, artistic works, architectural works and other creative works. We can advise as to transfer and licensing of copyrights to other companies or from independent contractors, and then draft and/or review the necessary agreements.

Pittsburgh Litigation Attorneys Protect and Enforce Copyrights

In the event of suspected copyright infringement, Beck & Thomas lawyers can often resolve the matter directly with the transgressor through a cease-and-desist letter followed by agreement with the transgressor. When needed, our copyright litigation attorneys are prepared to aggressively litigate to enforce copyrights and other intellectual property from infringement.

Typical Pittsburgh-Area Clients' Copyright Law Issues

How do I secure copyright protection?
While copyright laws provide automatic protection of creative works, registration is required for enforcement of those rights. Beck & Thomas copyright attorneys work with Pittsburgh-area businesses to make sure that authorship can be proved and that creative works are properly registered and filed with the United States Copyright Office.

How is software protected?
Software is protected by copyright in the same manner as other creative works. Software, however, often presents additional challenges. Beck & Thomas lawyers have experience in the detailed process of registering complex software works properly so that enforcement actions can be taken. We can assist clients in tracking down all previous contributors to a software work, reviewing and preparing assignment agreements, and ensuring that all software versions have been properly filed and registered with the United States Copyright Office.

Somebody is infringing my copyrighted material — what do I do?
Beck & Thomas copyright attorneys can examine the registration of your work and compare it with the alleged infringing work. Options at this point may include issuing a cease-and-desist letter, filing suit in federal court or a negotiated settlement with the other party.

I've received a cease and desist letter — what do I do?
The copyright attorneys at Beck & Thomas can review the letter and evaluate the merits of the claim. In some cases,it will be beneficial to respond to the letter and seek to reach agreement with the other party. Other options can include filing for a declaratory judgement, which is an action asking for a declaration that no infringement exists.

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